Gwrandawiad 4

Hearing Session 4: Housing Sites - Wednesday 27 June 2012

Issues and matters to be discussed

Examination Statements

Examination Statements
Reference  Document Name  Submitted By  

Assessment of Stability of Recent Earthworks  (PDF)

Mr Brian Brooks 

Statement regarding Jesmondene Stadium (Site Allocation H1.4) (PDF) 

Mr Brian Brooks 

Statement regarding AS (N) 18 - Ffoesmaen Road (PDF)

William Cooksey  

Session 4 Housing Sites Examination Statement (PDF)  

Home Builders Federation (HBF)


Response to Housing Six Bells Colliery Site H1.14 and Warm Turn, Six Bells H1.15 (PDF)

Mr A Thomas  
ES4.6  Examination Statement Hearing Session 4  (PDF) Unite the Union 
ES4.7  Examination Statement Hearing Session 4  (PDF) DTZ on behalf of Questedge 
ES4.8  Landscape and Visual Impact Scoping Report - Residential Development off Tanglewood Drive, Blaina (PDF)   DTZ on behalf of Questedge
ES4.9  Examination Statement - Hearing Session 4 Housing Sites (PDF) BGCBC


Matters Arising



Matters Arising
Reference Document Name Submitted By
MA4 Matters Arising from Hearing Session 4 (PDF) Inspector
MA4.R Matters Arising Response (PDF) BGCBC