Green Waste Collection

You can recycle your green waste fortnightly from Monday 1st April 2024 to Friday 22nd November 2024.

Please note that we no longer require you to register to access this free collection service.

Please place your green sacks out for collection before 7am on your collection day, at your recycling collection point.

Due to the current significant budget constraints, the Council has decided to trial a £2 charge for green waste sacks.

If you require green sacks, which will be available to order from Monday 1st April, please visit My Services or call 01495 311556.

Please click here for FAQs relating to purchasing green waste sacks.

Please only use council provided green sacks to present your green waste. Any green waste presented in any other receptacles, including blue recycling hessian sacks, will not be collected. We are also unable to empty “ton bags” filled with green waste.

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer provide a winter green waste collection service, with FORTNIGHTLY COLLECTIONS ENDING ON FRIDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 2024.

Next year’s collection dates will be confirmed early in 2025.

During the period when the Council is not providing green waste collections, you can take this waste to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centres [HWRC’s], located at New Vale, Ebbw Vale and Roseheyworth, Abertilley. For further information relating to the Authority’s [HWRC’s], please visit the link below:

Visit a Recycling Centre


Week 1 Collections

Fortnightly collections start week commencing Monday 1st April 2024 for the areas below:


April: 1st / 15th / 29th
May: 13th / 27th
June: 10th /24th
July:8th /22nd
August: 5th /19th
September: 2nd /16th / 30th
October: 14th / 28th
November: 11th

• Pochin, Tredegar
• Bedwelty Pits, Tredegar
• Cefn Golau, Tredegar
• Tredegar West & Central
• Ashvale, Tredegar
• Tafarnaubach, Tredegar
• Blue Lake Close, Ebbw Vale
• Carn Y Cefn, Ebbw Vale


April: 2nd / 16th / 30th
May: 14th / 28th
June: 11th /25th
July: 9th / 23rd
August: 6th / 20th
September: 3rd /17th
October: 1st / 15th / 29th November: 12th

• Troedrhiwgwair, Tredegar
• Georgetown, Tredegar
• St James Way, Tredegar
• Sirhowy, Tredegar
• Dukestown, Tredegar
• Waundeg & Ty Newydd, Tredegar
• Trefil, Tredegar
• Beaufort Wells, Ebbw Vale


April: 3rd / 17th
May: 1st / 15th / 29th
June: 12th /26th
July: 10th / 24th
August: 7th /21st
September: 4th / 18th
October: 2nd /16th / 30th
November: 13th

• Rassau, Ebbw Vale
• Garnlydan, Ebbw Vale
• Carmel Town, Ebbw Vale
• Beaufort (Part of), Ebbw Vale
• Bryn Coch, Ebbw Vale
• Glyncoed (Part of), Ebbw Vale


April: 4th / 18th
May: 2nd / 16th / 30th
June: 13th /27th
July: 11th / 25th
August: 8th /22nd
September: 5th / 19th
October: 3rd / 17th / 31st
November: 14th

• Glyncoed (Part of), Ebbw Vale
• Pontygof, Ebbw Vale
• Willowtown, Ebbw Vale
• Hilltop, Ebbw Vale
• Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale


April: 5th / 19th
May: 3rd / 17th / 31st
June: 14th /28th
July: 12th / 26th
August: 9th /23rd
September: 6th / 20th
October: 4th / 18th
November: 1st / 15th

• Beaufort Hill, Ebbw Vale
• Hawthorn Road, Ebbw Vale
• Bryn Kendall, Ebbw Vale
• Brynawelon, Ebbw Vale
• Tyr Meddyg, Ebbw Vale
• New Church Road, Ebbw Vale
• Newtown, Ebbw Vale
• The Crescent, Ebbw Vale
• Clos Pen Y Cae, Ebbw Vale
• Tyllwyn, Ebbw Vale
• Garden City, Ebbw Vale
• Festival Park, Ebbw Vale
• Waunllwyd, Ebbw Vale

Week 2 Collections

Fortnightly collections start week commencing Monday 8th April 2024 for the areas below:


April: 8th / 22nd
May: 6th / 20th
June: 3rd /17th
July: 1st / 15th / 29th
August: 12th / 26th
September: 9th / 23rd
October: 7th / 21st
November: 4th / 18th

• Brynmawr
• Lakeside, Nantyglo


April: 9th / 23rd
May: 7th / 21st
June: 4th / 18th
July: 2nd / 16th / 30th
August: 13th / 27th
September: 10th / 24th
October: 8th / 22nd
November: 5th / 19th

• Nantyglo
• Coed Cae, Nantyglo
• Cwmcelyn, Blaina
• East Pentwyn/Southland, Blaina
• Tanglewood, Blaina


April: 10th / 24th
May: 8th / 22nd
June: 5th / 19th
July: 3rd / 17th / 31st
August: 14th / 28th
September: 11th / 25th
October: 9th / 23rd
November: 6th / 20th

• Winchestown, Nantyglo
• Coalbrookvale, Nantyglo
• Westside, Blaina
• Blaina
• Bournville, Blaina


April: 11th / 25th
May: 9th / 23rd
June: 6th / 20th
July: 4th / 18th /
August: 1st / 15th / 29th
September: 12th / 26th
October: 10th / 24th
November: 7th / 21st

• Roseheyworth, Abertillery
• Cwmtillery, Abertillery
• Abertillery
• Six Bells, Abertillery
• Cwm, Ebbw Vale


April: 12th / 26th
May: 10th / 24th
June: 7th / 21st
July: 5th / 19th
August: 2nd / 16th / 30th
September: 13th / 27th
October: 11th / 25th
November: 8th / 22nd

• Aberbeeg, Abertillery
• Llanhilleth, Abertillery
• Brynithel, Abertillery
• Swffryd


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