Absorbent Hygiene Products Collections

You can register for our free weekly “Absorbent Hygiene Waste Collection” online or by calling 01495 311556.

The weekly service is collected every Friday, Borough wide. Please put your “Absorbent Hygiene Waste” out before 7am on collection day.

Residents registering for the service will be provided with “Yellow Hygiene Sacks” These will be delivered by the crews on the next collection day.

You can request extra “Yellow Hygiene Sacks” online or by calling 01495 311556.

Please note that any requests made after 12 noon on a Thursday will not be actioned on the next collection day and will roll over to the following Friday.

Please note collection point for “Absorbent Hygiene Waste” is the same as your recycling collection point.

What will be collected in my yellow hygiene sacks?

• Nappies
• Incontinence pads
• Stoma bags

What will not be collected in my yellow hygiene sacks?

• Clinical waste will not be accepted including dressings and gloves
• General waste mixed with hygiene products
• Catheter bags and tubes

Registered Child Minders

If the resident is a registered child minder there will be a charge for the collection.

Care Homes, Nursing Homes or Hospitals

The service is not available to Private Care Homes, Nursing Homes or Hospitals.

Please note that “Absorbent Hygiene Waste” cannot be placed in any other bag other than the “Yellow Hygiene Sacks” which have been supplied by the Authority or your waste will not be collected.

Any household found to be using the “Yellow Hygiene Sacks” provided for general waste, will be visited by a Waste Warden and this could result in the household being removed from the collection service. If the supplied “Yellow Hygiene Sacks” are used for general household waste these will not be collected.

Before you start, you’ll need

Your My Services username and password, or, create an account by clicking Create account on the login screen.

If you wish to request this service on behalf of someone else, please contact C2BG on 01495 311556

If you need help

For any further questions about Absorbent Hygiene Collection, need to update your details, request additional “Yellow Hygiene Sacks”, cancel the service  or are having difficulties using our online service, please contact C2BG on 01495 311556.