Council Elections May 2022 – Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates and Agents

Please note new legislation took effect in December 2021 for the elections in May 2022 and will alter the election processes from previous years. The following pages will cover all the changes but for information the new legislation is The Local Elections (Principal Areas) (Wales) Rules 2021 which affect the County Council process and The Local Election (Communities) (Wales) Rules 2021 which cover the Community/Town Council elections.

Welcome to the Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council website for candidates and agents interested in standing for election to either the County Borough Council or Town/Community Councils in Blaenau Gwent.

Stand for election as a councillor

If you care passionately about your community and want to make a difference locally. You will need to be ready to take challenging decisions. 

What elections are taking place

County Borough Council Elections will take place in May 2022 to elect 33 County Borough Councillors to sit on the County Council.

Community & Town Council elections will also be held on the same day for community/town councillors.

About the Council

The County Borough Council has responsibility for making decisions on many different service areas like Education and Social Care which affect the everyday lives of residents. More information on how Councils work is available here

Councillors are elected to represent the community and its residents and make decisions on how local services are provided, funded and prioritised. More information is available here

Meet some Councillors

What support will I get as a Councillor

Councillors are entitled to receive a salary in return for the commitment and contribution they make to the local community.

All councillors receive a basic salary. In 2021/22 it is £14,368. Councillors are also entitled to travel allowances. You can also claim your salary whilst taking family absence such as parental leave. Re-imbursement for the costs of care incurred whilst undertaking your duties as a councillor can also be claimed.

Those councillors who undertake additional responsibilities such as being a cabinet member, committee chair or leader of their political group will receive an additional payment. This is called a senior salary and is calculated based on the size of the council. Councillors do not set their own salaries; the framework for councillors' salaries is set by a body called the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW). Further information on the IRPW is available here.

Final salaries for the 2022/23 year of Council will be finalised around February 2022.

Councillors also have access to the local government pension scheme.

Every council will run an orientation programme for new members to show you where and who everyone is, followed by an induction programme to help you understand your role, council procedures and the practical skills you need, for example to chair a meeting or take part in a radio interview. Ongoing training will be provided according to what you need.

Councillors spend at least the equivalent of three days a week on council business, but many describe the job as full time. Many employers recognise the value of the work of councillors and the skills that their employees will gain in the role, so they give time off or allow flexible working for employees who are also councillors.

Potential Candidates Briefing Session

16 February 2022 10am-12pm
8 March 2022 6-8pm

Candidates Briefing Session

12 April 2022 10am-12pm
21 April 2022 6-8pm

Please contact the Elections office on 01495 355090 or email to book onto any of the sessions