UK Forces Veterans Guide

Caring within the Armed Forces veteran community, whether you are the carer or are being cared for can present some additional challenges.

You may have come from a culture in the military where you have coped with severe risks and being a veteran you are accustomed to self sufficiency and sacrifice. You could be reluctant to admit any weakness because you are used to just getting on with it. There may also have been times in Service where you have been away from your family and friends and lost touch with those who could help. It is therefore important that you know where you can go for the right support should you need it.

With support from Project 360 and LIBOR charity funding, Carers Wales have produced a guide for UK forces veterans in Wales.

UK Forces Veteran's Guide

This guide includes information on:

  • Identifying as a carer
  • Financial support
  • Practical support
  • Managing someone's affairs
  • Technology to assist in your caring role
  • Support as a military veteran
  • Information and contact details for where to get support

For more information visit:

Twitter:  @CarersWales