International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In marking International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination 21st March 2024, we would like to share the good work that Willowtown Primary School has completed with their Big Bocs Bwyd Project. The school successfully received funding from the Community Cohesion Grant 2023-24 and have made amazing progress supporting families and community residents.

Willowtown Community Primary School aimed to support families and community residents through their ‘Big Bocs Bwyd’ project.

The BBB is a shipping container that has been converted into a small, welcoming Community Shop ran by school staff, pupil young ambassadors and volunteer parents and carers which reduces prejudices attached to visiting food banks and local charities. 

The BBB opens twice weekly and runs on a ‘Pay as You Feel’ model which allows customers to only pay what they can afford through reducing prejudice and support sustainability.

The school main aims were to:
 • Reduce Food Poverty
 • Minimize Food Waste
 • Support families and the wider community
 • Create healthy and nutritious recipes that inspire families to cook and enjoy together
• Promote inclusion and cultural awareness and inspire involvement.

In receiving funding, the school have impacted on families in more ways than one, by providing nutritious food to purchase, recipe cards and cookery workshops which also included a takeaway home bag of food so that families felt confident and comfortable in cooking the recipe at home.

Delivery of cooking workshops were supported by volunteer parents who have completed Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate which was also supported through this grant and the school. This has positively impacted their skills for future work along with reducing barriers for parents to discuss healthier choices for meals.

Grandparents of many pupils have also gained support from the project by taking part in a weekly shop at a local supermarket with staff. This has allowed the school to identify shopping patterns and offer healthier alternatives which are cost effective.

The school are proud to celebrate their diversity and through this project, they have been able to share and offer a variety of food choices that fall out of the British cuisine by offering foods such as Polish and African foods and meal ideas. 

Rebecca Hughes, Family Engagement and Learning Officer stated, ‘I feel that the project has become embedded in our local Community and is continuing to build upon what has already been established alongside setting and achieving future targets. It has helped to break down barriers and prejudice and has encouraged inclusion, diversity and empathy within the School Community. It has also proved a vital help in engaging with Parents and Family members and allowed myself to signpost to other free community resources along with increasing Partnership Working’.

The project has now expanded in the creation of a school allotment where a volunteer Mr Kettle has begun clearing space, building raised beds and working with the schools Senedd Eco Group to develop an action plan for Spring 2024.