Valleys Voices - Podcasts

Valleys Voices podcast is about you, about me, about us. Presenters from the Community Cohesion team, meet people living in the Gwent Valleys to explore how a sense of place can unite diverse communities.

Sean Wharton

Sean Wharton – Ex-professional footballer and businessman Sean talks about challenging racism in sport.

Noah Nyle

Noah Nyle – Transgender male Noah talks about his personal journey and being an LGBTQ+ advocate.

Emily Parker

Emily Parker – Sports enthusiast Emily Parker talks about being a gay women in Rugby.

Nataliia Tatarenko

Nataliia Tatarenko - Ukrainian Refugee sharing her experiences of living in South Wales.

Return to Ukraine

Nataliia Tatarenko - Ukrainian Refugee talks about returning to visit her home in war-torn Ukraine. 

Holocaust Memorial

Harry Spiro - Survivor of the Holocaust and his story is shared by his daughter Tracy.

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