Assisted Collections

What is an “Assisted Collection”?

Residents who are temporarily or permanently unable to access kerbside collection services, due to their limited mobility, and there is no one else to help, can apply for an “Assisted Collection”.
An “Assisted Collection” means that the refuse and recycling crews will collect receptacles and wheeled bins from an agreed convenient collection point for the Resident. Unfortunately, “Assisted Collections” do not include Garden Waste.
Please note the service is not available if there are able bodied Residents living at the same address.

How to apply for an “Assisted Collection”

Applicants will need to complete a form, to ascertain eligibility for the service.
Residents can either register for an “Assisted Collection” online or by calling 01495 311556.
Confirmation of the following will be required when applying for an assisted collection:

  • Reason for application
  • Details of anyone else living in the same household
  • Reasons why any other occupants are unable to move the waste and/or recycling
  • Which services the applicant requires assistance with

What happens after an application is submitted?

As part of the process, the Resident will be visited by a member of the Waste Services Team to complete the application for an “Assisted Collection”. This visit will include agreeing a suitable collection point where the Resident can present their waste and recycling outside their property, subject to a Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
Residents should allow ten working days to be contacted by a member of the Waste Services Team for the “Assisted Collection” to be confirmed.
Once the Assisted Collection has been established the collection point will be confirmed with the appropriate crews. A Risk Assessment will be carried out if this is deemed necessary, to ensure the safety of the collection crews.

If you need a “Temporary Assisted Collection”?

Residents who require a temporary Assisted Collection, for example during the recuperation period following an operation, we will agree the length of time which they require assistance. This assistance will automatically be terminated after the agreed date of termination. If Residents require assistance for a longer time than originally agreed, they will be required to reapply.

How to cancel an “Assisted Collection”?

Residents can cancel an “Assisted Collection” online or by calling 01495 311556.

Before you start, you’ll need

Your My Services username and password, or, create an account by clicking Create account on the login screen.

To access My Services, please use a browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari. It will not work in Internet Explorer.

If you wish to request this service on behalf of someone else, please contact C2BG on 01495 311556

If you need help

For any further questions about “Assisted Collections”, need to update your details, cancel the service or are having difficulties using our online service, please contact C2BG on 01495 311556.