How to vote

Before you can vote your name must be included on the electoral register. 

You can vote in a number of ways 

Voting at a Polling Station

You will be sent a poll card a few weeks before the election which will give you the address of your polling station. 

At the polling station the Clerk will ask you to state your name and address.  You will then be given a ballot paper which will say how many candidates to vote for.  In the polling booth, put a cross (X) against the candidate or candidates of your choice. 

Elections are held between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. and are usually on a Thursday. 

A virtual tour of a polling station can be found on the National Archives website

Find My Polling Station


Voting By Post

Contact us for a postal vote application form partly completed with your name and address.  On this form you must complete your date of birth and signature. These will be checked when you vote to help prevent fraud. 

Or you can complete an application for a postal vote at

The Electoral Commission

If you decide to be a postal voter you cannot then change your mind and vote at a polling station. 

Voting By Proxy

By applying to vote by proxy you are appointing another person to vote on your behalf either at the polling station or by post. 

Contact us for a proxy application form.  You must tell us the reason. . For example 

  • You have a physical disability.  If this is the case you may have to include a declaration by a doctor,  nurse or warden of home that this is correct 
  • Your work takes you away from home either on a permanent basis or on the particular day of the election. 
  • You will be on holiday when the election is taking place. 
  • You have moved house since you registered and are unable to go to your old polling station. 


Contact Information

Electoral Services

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