Report flytipping and dumped rubbish

What is flytipping?

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste on public or private land.

If someone flytips they may receive a fine of up to £50,000, a criminal record or in serious cases, a prison sentence.

If you see flytipping or dumped rubbish on public or private land, you can report it to us.

Report Flytipping

Where do we collect flytipping from?

We collect dumped rubbish and flytipping from all Council Land including:

  • Back Lanes
  • Roads
  • Pavements
  • Parks

We do not collect rubbish and flytipping from private land.

Flytipping on private land

If the rubbish has been flytipped on private land, the land owner is responsible for removing the waste.

At the request of the land owner, we may be able to provide help with removal.

What happens next?

We aim to remove flytipped waste within 5 working days.

You are responsible for your waste

It is your responsibility to check that anyone you pay to remove your waste is a registered waste carrier.

You should: 

  • View their certificate
  • Get a receipt confirming what they have taken and where they have taken it
  • Get confirmation of any payment made

If any waste is traced back to the household where it came from, the householder could be fined.
You can check registered waste carriers online by visiting Natural Resources Wales