Frequently asked questions

But we don’t speak Welsh!

With parents who don’t speak Welsh in the majority, you’ll find well established support systems in both Welsh and English in our Welsh medium schools.

What about their English language skills?

When children leave Welsh medium primary school, they are fluent in Welsh and as fluent in English as children from English medium schools.

Why Welsh medium education?

The quality of education is excellent, it’s easy to learn a language from an early age and children enjoy their lives in English and Welsh!

But my child has already started their education journey in an English medium school?

Children can begin in a Welsh Medium primary school at any point. Our schools have specific immersion units where pupils can be immersed into the Welsh language before entering the classroom.

How can my child get to our local Welsh medium school?

Blaenau Gwent provide free school transport for pupils with a home address 1.5 miles or more from the nearest Welsh Medium primary school, and 2 miles or more from the nearest Welsh medium secondary school.

Will I be able to help my child with their Welsh homework?

Yes, as most children don’t speak Welsh at home, Welsh-medium schools are very experienced in supporting both pupils and parent the school will provide the work in English and Welsh.


For younger pupils, homework instructions will be given in writing in both English and Welsh. At a later age, children will be able to explain their work to their parents themselves. In fact, research suggests that dealing with their work in two languages can actually help children understand the subject that they are studying. The Welsh Government education Hwb website also gives access to a range of nationally provided digital learning tools and resources.