Examination Documents

Ref No  Type  Document Name   Date  Author 
ED.1  Letter  Pre-Hearing Invitation Letter (PDF) 2 March 2012 Programme Officer 
ED.2 Note Request for Information INSP001 (PDF) 27 February 2012 Inspector
ED.3 Note

BGCBC Response to Inspector's Questions INSP001 (PDF)

12 March 2012 BGCBC
ED.4 Letter 

Pre-Hearing Meeting Letter (PDF) 

10 April 2012  Programme Officer 
ED.5  Agenda  Pre-Hearing Meeting Agenda (PDF)  10 April 2012  Inspector 
ED.6  Note   Guidance Notes for Participants (PDF)  10 April 2012 Inspector
ED.7   Note  

Draft Hearings Programme and List of Sessions (PDF)

10 April 2012  Inspector  
ED.8 Note Request for Information INSP002 (PDF)  12 April 2012  Inspector  
ED.9 Note 

BGCBC Response to Inspector's Questions INSP002 (PDF)

19 April 2012  BGCBC 
ED.10  Note   Request for Information INSP003 (PDF)  20 April 2012  Inspector 
ED.11  Note 

BGCBC Response to Inspector's Questions INSP003 (PDF) 

27 April 2012  BGCBC  
ED.12 Letter 

Letter regarding Update of Examination Hearings (PDF)

1 May 2012 

Programme Officer 



Minutes of the Pre Hearing Meeting (PDF) 

1 May 2012 




Hearing Programme and List of Sessions (PDF)  

1 May 2012  Inspector  
ED.15  Note  

Six Bells – Stage 3 SFCA Report - EA Modelling Comments (PDF)

20 April 2012  Environment Agency Wales  
ED.16  Note   INSP004 Note to all Participants Attending Session 5 - Six Bells Site (PDF) 8 May 2012  Inspector  
ED.17  Note  

INSP005 Note from the Inspector regarding Session 1 - Review of Distinctiveness of LDP Policies (PDF)

15 May 2012 Inspector  
ED.18  Note 

INSP006 Clarification Note of How Session 4 - Housing Sites will Run (PDF)

15 May 2012  Inspector  
ED.19 Note 

INSP007 Note from the Inspector regarding the amended Hearing Programme and List of Sessions (PDF) 

17 May 2012  Inspector 
ED.20  Note 

Amended Hearing Programme and List of Sessions (PDF) 

17 May 2012 Inspector  
ED.21 Paper

Review of CCW and Blaenau Gwent Statement of Common Ground (PDF)

18 May 2012  Countryside Council for Wales  (CCW)
ED.22  Note  

INSP008 Note from Inspector regarding CCW's Review of Statement of Common Ground (PDF) 

22 May 2012  Inspector  
ED.23  Letter 

Letter from Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council - withdrawal of representation (PDF)

14 May 2012 Mr Steve Bartlett - Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council  
ED.24  Note 

INSP009 Note from Inspector in response to four questions posed by the Council (PDF)

29 May 2012  Inspector
ED.25  Note

Revised Hearing Programme and List of Sessions (PDF) 

13 June 2012   Inspector  
ED.26  Note  Response to INSP008 (PDF) 15 June 2012  BGCBC  
ED.27  Note  Response to INSP005 (PDF) 15 June 2012  BGCBC  
ED.28  Note 

Revised Hearing Programme and List of Sessions - Version 4 (PDF)

20 June 2012  Inspector  
ED.29 Note INSP010 request for information (PDF) 29 June 2012 Inspector
ED30 Note Alteration to Examination Schedule Sessions 19 & 20 (PDF)  02 July 2012 Inspector
ED31 Note Alteration to Examination Schedule Sessions 17 & 18 (PDF) 5 July 2012 Inspector
ED32 Note Site Visits Agenda (PDF) 5 July 2012 Inspector
ED33 Note Response to INSP010 (PDF) 10 July 2012 BGCBC 
ED34 Letter Consultation on Matters Arising Changes During Examination Hearings (PDF) 24 July 2012 Programme Officer
ED35 Letter Letter regarding Mynydd Llangynidr (PDF) 29 August 2012 Inspector 



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