Winter Maintenance Services

The Council has a "Snow Plan" in place to be prepared for severe and prolonged periods of freezing weather.

The Council has a supply of salt that is is stored at the Council's storage barn in preparation for severe and prolonged freezing conditions.

What services are running during the disruptive snow conditions? 

Residents and members of the community will be able to access information on services and school closures on this website. School closures 

Funerals - As part of our planning for adverse weather the Council is also ready to help out with funerals. 

Medical Appointments - We work with Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board and the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust to identify those patients that need urgent or essential medical assistance. Those having lifesaving treatment will be prioritised for assistance to ensure they are able to attend their appointments. During snow conditions, patients are asked to contact their hospital to check if their appointment is going ahead and if confirmed to please contact us on 01495 311556 to request assistance. Please note we will request details from you as we will need to contact the medical authorities in order to validate the appointment.

See our Winter Gritting Routes and Salt Bins page for location and route information

Contact Information

Name of Team: Winter Maintenance

Telephone No: 01495 311556