Noise Complaints

The work of the Council’s Pollution Team with regards to noise pollution is principally concerned with controlling emissions of noise into the environment. The level and frequency of noise will be acceptable to one person and not to another and could reduce a person's quality of life.
The Council has a duty to investigate complaints of noise issuing from domestic or commercial premises, a vehicle alarm or mechanical equipment, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part III - Statutory Nuisance and the Noise Act 1996.
We investigate on average over 400 complaints about noise nuisance every year: You can report the following noise complaints to us:

  • Noisy neighbours (music, shouting, alarms, DIY at unreasonable hours)
  • Noise from commercial premises (pubs, venues, ventilation systems, alarms)
  • Noise from industrial premises (factories, construction, demolition, alarms)
  • Car alarms or loud stereos (only if vehicle is parked)
  • Persistent barking dogs

We are unable to step in for road traffic noise or pubic order offences.

Making a complaint

If you are not able to resolve the issue yourself, tell us about it and we will look into it. To investigate noise complaints you will need to provide details about yourself and the property causing the alleged noise.

You may also find advice relating to noise pollution in the advisory leaflets provided on this page.

Report a Noise Nuisance

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Contact Information

If you would like to make a complaint to us about noise please phone C2BG on (01495) 311556.
Please remember we are unable to take anonymous complaints about noise. Report it at My Services
Email :