Flying Start families learn Welsh in Cwm

A group of parents from Cwm who use the Flying Start facilities have decided to learn Welsh to support their children's bilingual education. They will attend a three-week course provided by Learn Welsh Cymru starting on Thursday 6th June.

The course will introduce the learners to the basic skills of Welsh, such as greetings, introductions, numbers, colours, and everyday family phrases. The course is designed to give them a foundation for further learning and to help them communicate with their children in Welsh. The course is free and open to all Flying Start families in Cwm.

The parents expressed their interest in learning Welsh after seeing a social media post by Flying Start, which offers a range of services for families with children under four, such as childcare, health visiting, parenting support and early language development. Many of the parents have children who attend Welsh-medium schools or nurseries, and they want to join them in their bilingual journey.

‘This is a lovely idea, it’s nice to see people’s interest in the Welsh language’.

‘I am really interested in attending a course.  My child is 4 years and keeps correcting me when I try to speak Welsh’.  Commented two of the parents.

The course is delivered by Dysgu Cymraeg Cymru, which is the national provider of Welsh courses for adults in Wales. They offer courses at all levels, from beginners to advanced, in various locations and formats. They also provide online resources and activities to support learners' progress.

Blaenau Gwent Council are delighted that the Flying Start families are being supported to learn Welsh. It's never too late to start learning a new language, and it can bring many benefits, such as improving your confidence, mental health and your career prospects. Learning Welsh can also strengthen your bond with your children and your community.

For more information about the course, visit  For more information about Flying Start, contact the Blaenau Gwent Family Information Service: 08000 32 33 39.