Carers UK State of Caring Survey

We are delighted to launch our State of Caring 2022 survey, and we would be really grateful for your help in encouraging carers to take part. All the information we get from carers helps us to build a picture of what caring is like at the moment and we are keen to hear from as many different carers as possible.

The State of Caring Survey is the UK’s most comprehensive research into the lives and experience of unpaid carers. We want to understand carers’ priorities for the future and what support they need to help recover from the pandemic, and to create a positive legacy for the future. We will use the evidence to continue to campaign for carers to get better support. We know that our evidence has helped shaped Government policy and has helped commissioners and service delivery organisations look at practice.

We ask that you share our survey with your supporters wherever possible and we appreciate each and every person who takes the time to complete the survey. We would particularly welcome responses from carers from lesser heard communities, such as carers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and LGBTQ+ carers.

Together you help us paint a picture of what caring has been like in the last year.

Please share the link here: 

The survey will close on 9 September and we will be releasing a research report in November.

If you have any questions about the research, please get in touch with our policy team by emailing 

This is a Carers UK survey and is therefore only available in English.